Welcome to Bryq!

If you are here, you have probably been invited to take the Bryq assessment. This means that your prospective employer has put an equitable process in place, where objective data is used to evaluate applications on job-related merit. By participating in this inclusive process, you are helping create a diverse work environment while ensuring that you have a better career outlook from the get-go.

Why take an assessment?

How do we screen and interview candidates without applying our own conscious or unconscious bias?
The answer is by using a process that uses objective data to enable screening, interviewing and hiring decisions.
Note that using objective data does not mean that decisions are made by a computer; it means that objective data are used to methodically support candidate and employee evaluation by recruiters and managers.

Here are a few things that you should know about the assessment and how to take it:

Establishing Fit

What makes you a good software developer, a good tester or a good accountant? We know that people are more than just the sum of their past experiences. Organization psychology is providing us with a set of proven frameworks that can support our decision making. It gives us tools to measure personality traits (such as the 16 Personality Factor models) and how these traits match specific job profiles (Holland codes and the Five Factor model).

Bryq’s assessment is a scientifically calibrated measurement of your basic cognitive skills (numerical, verbal, logical and attention to detail) and your personality traits. A matching score is provided based on the requirements of the specific role and the company.

This is not a hard skills assessment, so you will not find questions that are directly related to your role / area of expertise. This is a general assessment that helps identify people who will perform great in a role, and is usually followed by other hard-skill assessments (such as programming, design, accounting, etc.) for the candidates that are the most promising matches.

Bryq does not provide hire/no-hire decisions, nor does it replace the human part of the process.

The Structure

There is a lot of context switching between cognitive areas and psychometric questions, much like in everyday life.

Cognitive questions are fairly simple (secondary education level), but there is a time limit. If you do not answer within the time allotted, you simply advance to the next question. Don’t worry if you miss a few questions – most people will get about 50% of the questions right.

Personality questions, do not have a time limit. Remember there are no right or wrong answers to personality questions. What is the right choice between “cooperative” or “assertive”? Depending on the company and the role, the answer will vary. It is important that you showcase your unique personality – a good match will mean a great career.

There is no Pass/Fail

Unlike other assessments, there is no pass/fail for Bryq. The test results are presented to your potential employers, as well as how well you match the specific job description.

The Interview

When asked to interview with a potential employer, you should keep in mind that your interviewers will have access to your profile and will ask more specific questions, based on your results. This will be helpful for both you and the interviewer to have a more productive discussion so that you can both decide if this job is really a good fit for you.

Candidate FAQ

About the Assessment

How long does it take?

There are three versions of the assessment. The express version requires around 10 minutes, the standard about 25 minutes and the extended about 45 minutes.

Depending on how fast you like to pace yourself, you should allocate another 15 minutes to ensure you can complete everything.

How long do I have to take the assessment once it's been sent to me?

The assessment deadline should be clearly stated in the assessment invitation email and is set by the employer. If you do not see a deadline, please get in touch with your prospective employer to confirm when you will need to complete the assessment by.

Can I use my Phone?

Phones work great for the express version (10 minutes).

For standard and extended, a phone will work, but we advise that you use a device (laptop, desktop, tablet) with a screen greater than 9 inches in order to be able to read the questions comfortably.

Can I see sample questions of the assessment?

Yes, please visit our sample questions page.

What else will I need?
Pen, paper and a calculator as some of the numerical questions require calculations.
Why do I need to activate my webcam?
We want to make sure it is really you in front of the computer, so please accept the request you will be sent to enable your webcam. Your microphone will also be activated by us at random times throughout the process.
What happens if I do not enable my webcam?
If you do not enable your webcam, you will still be able to complete the assessment, but you may be requested to take additional assessments in person.
Can I pause?
No. Once you begin, you will not have the option to pause, therefore, make sure your time will be uninterrupted, i.e. put your cell on airplane mode.
What if there is a technical interruption?
If your test is interrupted for any reason (i.e. your computer crashes), you can pick up where you left off by clicking on the “GET STARTED” button in the invitation email you received.
My Browser is not working, what should I do?
Restart your browser and try again (by clicking the “GET STARTED” link in the invitation email). You should be able to resume from where you left your assessment. Do note that older browsers (like Internet Explorer) have trouble with modern applications like Bryq. Please use a modern browser (like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari).
Why did I receive the assessment for a different role than the one I applied for?
If you have received the assessment invite for another role, please reach out to prospective employer.
What is the structure of the assessment?
The assessment is a combination of cognitive and personality questions.

My Data

Do I need to retake the assessment for every potential employer?
No, once you have taken the test once any subsequent request within the next 6 months will use the same test results. If another employer requests you to take an assessment, you will receive an email asking for your permission to share your previous results.
How long are the results valid?
All the underlying assessments used in Bryq exhibit good long-term stability. We consider assessment results valid for 6 months after each assessment. If another employer requests you to take an assessment, you will receive an email asking for your permission to share your previous results.
How long do you keep the results?
All test results are kept in our database for 24 months.
Can I see my results again?

Of course. Simply login back to candidates.bryq.com and your results will be presented.

To login, just visit candidates.bryq.com. Enter your email address and a log-in link will be emailed to you.

If you logged in using Google or Linked-In, click on that button again.