What is a recruitment plan and why you need one

What is a recruitment plan?

A recruitment plan is a strategy for hiring new employees. The plan should cover the process of creating new job descriptions, identifying and attracting candidates, interviewing, and hiring successful candidates.
Within an organization, there might be one person responsible or a team that is responsible for the recruitment plan. This depends on the size of the company. Some companies chose to outsource their recruitment process and plans.

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How to create a recruitment plan?

A recruitment plan should have a start and an end depending on your hiring needs. It should also include the hiring scope and why additional employees are required.

There are 8 components to the hiring plan:

  1. Hiring scope (what, why, when)
  2. Recruitment timeline (kick off and implementation)
  3. Job advertising (the process of advertising the open positions)
  4. Candidates communication (notifying candidates)
  5. Interview and candidate assessment process (interviewing candidates)
  6. Reference and background checks (checking candidate background)
  7. Job offer (notifying successful candidates and sending job offers)
  8. Employee onboarding (helping new hires find a fit within the company)


Benefits of having a recruitment plan in place

The benefits of having a recruitment plan in place are:

a) Alignment with organizational strategy. In order to grow as a business you need people. A hiring plan can be help achieve organizational objectives.

b) Create a strong network of candidates. With a hiring plan you have a process in place to collect and review resumes and create a pool of candidates for current and future roles.

c) Increase employee morale as a recruitment plan can be shared with everyone and it can be used to show that the company is in growth mode.

d) It will help you establish a recruit to hire process which you can be used by other teams and departments.


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