3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx workers and make their voices heard loud and clear.

Hispanic and Latinx culture is colorful, vibrant and warm. Does the way you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month reflect that? Not only is it a month of celebrating rich cultures and communities – but it’s a month to recognize the positive impact that Hispanic and Latinx employees have made on the workforce and what more […]

Quiet Quitting and 5 Ways to Prevent It From Happening

Quiet quitting is happening - whether it's from low job satisfaction or a lack of career growth.

Everybody seems to be talking about quiet quitting – and they have been anything but quiet about it. It’s the most discussed topic within our community since the Great Resignation. Despite its name, this silent epidemic is loudly making itself known to the workforce. In fact, there are probably employees “quiet quitting” at your workplace […]

The Hiring Freeze – What is Happening? And What Can We Do?

The hiring freeze is resulting in layoffs and hiring pauses throughout the tech industry and beyond.

Oh, so you thought the workforce couldn’t get any more chaotic than it already was? Think again. A handful of big tech companies have announced huge layoffs this month. Thousands of employees are being left without jobs, and companies are slowing down hiring initiatives. This “hiring freeze” is causing panic within many industries – especially […]

Hiring Great Sales Teams – And Where You’re Going Wrong

Hiring a great sales team is hard, but it isn't if you know where to look.

Sales teams are important parts of any organization. These teams build strong relationships with customers based on trust. They help with brand recognition and awareness by being our companies’ loudest cheerleaders. Most importantly, they bring in valuable revenue that helps nurture the growth of our businesses. This poses the question: if we know that sales […]

Creating a Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Organization and Hiring Process

Sustainability and having an environmentally-friendly company are the keys to success in 2022

The threat of climate change is something we constantly hear about – and for good reason. Not only do our poor choices regarding the environment affect our planet, but they also harshly and negatively impact our businesses. Sustainability has never been more important. Creating a sustainable and environmentally-friendly organization allows us to save money and […]

Employee Appreciation: Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

Our employees literally run our businesses. If it wasn’t for their commitment and hard work, where would our companies be? As employers, we should strive to value and appreciate each and every one of our employees. There are dozens of ways to show employees that you value them, but are they effective? You might show […]

Say This, Not That! 5 Work Clichés to Avoid Using in the Hiring Process

These five work clichés are major red flags to job candidates.

Language is important. Whether we realize it or not, the words we use are subconsciously setting the tone for the type of candidates we are drawing in. Words we think are doing the trick might seem empty in meaning to some. Or worse, they might actually be hindering candidates from applying for and accepting roles. […]

Great Resignation: How Bryq Can Help You Beat the ‘Big Quit’

The Great Resignation has been tough on companies everywhere, but Bryq can help you avoid the Big Quit.

As we enter 2022, “The Great Resignation” is still something that’s on everybody’s minds. Millions of people continue to quit their jobs monthly and in record numbers. There are over a million and a half job vacancies and employers are panicking trying to fill them.  An air of uncertainty lies ahead of us going into […]

Bryq’s Top 5 Office Resolutions to Start 2022 Off Right

Set realistic office resolutions to enter 2022 on the right foot!

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2022, and we’ve all made our way back to work after enjoying the holidays. With a new year comes new opportunities for us to set goals for ourselves. A new year tradition for many people is to make new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight or (finally) starting to read […]